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    Mediterranean Honey

    Mediterranean Honey is one of our richest honeys in terms of its therapeutic properties and proline value. It has many benefits from the formation of cataracts in the eyes to the regeneration of cells in the body. It is also a very effective type of honey on the liver. It is good for indigestion and helps to regulate the menstrual cycle in women and relieve their pain. The production process of this honey usually follows standard honey production techniques.

    • The use of honey in adults and children

      In adult individuals, two teaspoons of honey are enough to meet the daily honey requirement of the body.

      In children, this amount may be less if a teaspoon of honey will be enough to meet the daily needs of children.

    • The use of honey in babies

      avoid giving honey to babies younger than 1 year old, because it may carry a risk of botulism.Botulism, which means a type of food poisoning, develops when the intestines are exposed to the spores of a bacterium. honey consumption in babies under 1 year of age can cause these bacteria to enter the baby's body and cause bacteria to grow in his intestines.

    • The use of honey in people with diabetes

      Since honey contains natural sugar, it is recommended for people with diabetes and people who need to follow a special diet to consume it in consultation with their doctor.

    • The use of honey in people with pollen allergies

      People with pollen allergies or people with special health conditions should consult their doctor before consuming honey.

    • How is honey stored ?

      As with any original honey, honey stored in the refrigerator freezes and becomes butter-like, so do not store your honey in the refrigerator. Do not store it in places with sunlight, glass front, balcony, etc. You can store your honey in a cupboard at room temperature and further delay the freezing problem during the time you consume it.

    • How to understand genuine honey ?

      There are different methods to distinguish genuine honey from fake. However, the most reliable method is undoubtedly the analysis performed with technical materials and scientific methods. Well, before science and technology developed so much, how did people understand that honey was fake or real? One of the simple methods that everyone can apply on their own is that honey

      conditions such as freezing at low temperatures, Decaying for a long time and experiencing a freezing condition called confectionery among the public

    850 Grams
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